Gourze Tower

The current construction was originally a tower which may have connections with those of the Romanesque era.The first written records go back to 1279.
It was dismantled in the early 14th century by Louis II, Baron of Vaud, during the confrontations with Pierre d’Oron, Bishop of Lausanne. At the time the tower must have been 15 or 16 meters high.
It was rebuilt at the end of the 14th century by Jean de Canturion, Bishop Guillaume de Menthonay’s Master of the Mint.
It was sold to the parish of Villette in 1530 and restored in 1895 and 1909.

It has belonged to the State of Vaud since 1910.

Altitude (base) 927m.
Triangulation signal (base) 936.25m.
Location : in Riex.